Lonesome Dove Boys Ranch exists to help boys who, because of a difficult circumstance in their lives (not necessarily of their own doing) are having a challenging time finding where they fit. Many of these boys have been taken from their families by civil authority due to physical and substance abuse, neglect, and other damaging influences. At any given time, there are an extimated six hundred to seven hundred young men between the ages of twelve and eighteen within the Arkansas Foster Care system.

With so many issues to deal with, many young men turn to destructive behavior as an outlet for their emotions. We desire to give these boys an alternative outlet with posiive reinforcement, Godly mentoring, and life-changing Biblical values. We want to teach them to set goals and see them accomplished. We believe God has a wonderful future for each boy, but until he realizes his potential, he will never become what God intends for him to be.


Lonesome Dove Boys Ranch