Lonesome Dove Boys Ranch

The Journey

Experienced staff will develop a customized plan to teach each young man personal discipline, traditional values, spiritual discipleship, a strong work ethic, and social responsibility. They will also have hands-on experience in community service. Instead of turning to a life of delinquency, these boys will have an environment of well-rounded academics, as well as skills in horticulture, horsemanship, raising livestock, carpentry, forestry, and auto mechanics.

The students will learn from time-tested private education curriculum with licensed educators on site to guide them through their school work. Our educational goals include; developing rational thinking, understanding, expression, improve attitude toward school environment, enhance current academic skills through applied learning, and learn vari- ous employment skills. The boys will receive placement testing to en- sure they are receiving instruction at the correct educational level.

One of the goals of LDBR is not only to teach proper educational subjects but to also teach hands-on vocational skills in a variety of areas that the young men will find interesting and helpful as they mature into adults. We plan to do this by immersing them into a working farm in a rural setting in southern Arkansas. LDBR has a perpetual lease on 112 acres of farmland. This land will be used to raise cattle, chickens, and swine which the boys will be able to enter into county fairs. Income from the farming activities will go back into the operating budget of LDBR. These skills are something not many of these boys' peers will ever have the opportunity to master.

Through spiritual, educational, and vocational direction, our desire is to make a lasting impact on these young men that might otherwise choose to duplicate a life of crime, neglect, abuse, and violence.

The Partnership

We are seeking  financial partners to make a difference in the lives of the next generation.  We need 100 churches, individuals or businesses to give $1000 this year to make our down payment on the facility loan. We need monthly commitments as well to meet our budget needs.

We welcome church groups for missions trips to remodel the dining hall, kitchen, and the remainder of the cottages. 

Every dollar makes a difference. 




Lonesome Dove Boys Ranch Facilities

Lonesome Dove Boys Ranch Facilities

Lonesome Dove Boys Ranch Facilities Lonesome Dove Boys Ranch Facilities